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The Vision of Escaflowne ((pronounced "Esca- Flow-nay")) Is one of the most impressive Anime's that I've ever seen, bearing in mind that it was a TV show and had better animation than most of the full length films and OVA's that I've seen in the past few years. The Visual animation is excellent, very smooth and graceful in its movements. the concept and story are great, and the characters are excellent. And the music! OH My goodness! The music is done by the world famous "Warsaw Philaharmonic Orchestra"((the same folks who did Giant Robo)), rated as one of the,, best Orchestras in the known world. The musical score is beautiful! I just recently bought the 1st soundtrack for the series, and it blows my mind! Definately deserves a place in any CD player. Anyhow, this page will be Upgraded as much as I can in the next few months, since I'm running like 3 other pages at thew same time, But this one is on my priorities list. I hope you enjoy it!- Chris

The Story of Escaflowne

Freshman Hitomi Kanzaki was your typical japanese High school Student. She does have one interesting side to her though. That is, she has a small gift for fortune telling with tarot Cards. She is known throughtout the school for being extremely accurate. The story unfolds with her on her way to Track team tryouts, running late. Arriving late, her friend and manager Yukari scolds her. Hitomi asks if the men's speed trials have begun yet. Yukari says noa and that she made it just in time to see her "honey" run. The camera focuses in on Amano Sempai, a Senior at Hitomi's school and an all star track runner. The starting gun goes off, and they run off down the track. Sempai crosses the finish line first, with a time of 10.38 seconds!!!((ed:wow!)) Hitomi is left staring in a lovesick manner. Then it is time for the Women's Speed trials. Hitome gets onto the starting blocks. the shot is fired and they're off. hitomi is in the lead, in the zone of silence that runners achieve, when suddenly she sees a boy in full armor with a sword in front of her. She runs right through him, and you see the runners go past her as she falls backwards. Suddenly she has a vision. Of fire and destruction, she sees huge mecha advancing on a burning building, next she sees the same young boy in a castle, preparing for something, after that she sees a magestic Battle mecha fighting another one. Suddenly the ground opens up and she is falling, only to be saved by a stranger with wings. The next thing she knows she is in the school infirmary. Later on, as She and Yuakari are walking home, Yukari tearfully informs her that Amano is going abroad soon, and that she should tell him her feelings for him. the scene shifts to her consulting her tarot cards in her room. She draws the cards of the tower, symbolizing how they will part with each other. Than, strangely enough, she draws the "serpent Ace", symbol of courage. The scene shifts again to Amano staring at the setting sun on the track at school. just as he's about to leave, Hitomi shows up. She asks him if he will kiss her if she can break 13 seconds. just as shes started running, A column of blue fire shoots out of the trck and a young boy in armor, the same from Hitomi's vision, Appears and she collides with him. he yells at her and sempai to get out of there, and suddenly a dragon appears. Hitomi has a vision of the boy being killed by the dragon, and yells out to him to dodge. he takes heed and makes short work of the beast. Cutting open its chest, he retrieves a strange glowing crystal that is in palce of its heart. once removed the corpes crumbles. Suddenly, the stone glows brighter. The column of blue fire appears once again, and this time Hitomi and the boy are sucked up into it, leaving a confused and fearful Amano Sempai and Yukari behind. They appear in a savannah like grassland. the boy introduces himself as Van. She gets up and looks around, and suddenly sees something profound. She sees the Earth and the moon both in the night sky above her. This world is called Gaea. What Adventures lie in store for Hitomi and Van?

The Characters of Escaflowne

Hitomi Kanzaki

- Fifteen year old Hitomi is a star member of her high school track team. She has an intense crush on Senior Amano Sempai, a national level runner, and her request that she recieve her first kiss for m him((if she can break 13 seconds!)) sets the story in motion. Hitomi has the unique talent of fortune telling, using a custom deck of tarot cards. Also she uses a starnge pendant,which can be used to show the right direction to travel or where danger lies hidden. Upon arriving in Gaea, her powers increase and she can also see what is going to happen in the near future.

Van Fanel

- At the Gaean equivelent of Fifteen years of age, this brash, young, warrior prince ascends to rule his small kingdom of Fanellia after the death of his father and the supposed death of his older brother, who was on the same Dagon slaying quest as van. During his final Initiation before claiming the throne, he has to go out and slay a dragon and claim its Energist Crystal, located as the dragon's heart. while in the process of this, Van is somehow transported back to earth, where he ((litterally)) runs into Hitomi, who is then transported back to Gaea with him.

Alen Schezar

- One of the Twelve "Heavenly Knights" of the kingdom of Astoria, who act as the royal guard for the ruling family. With his dashing looks, debonair personality, and devestating finnese in fighting and swordsmanship, Alen would seem to be the epitome of Chivalry. But His handsome countenance bellies a simmering bitterment and a troubled past, with an absent father, a desceased mother, and a little sister who disappeared when she was young. He bears a striking resembalance to Amano, the boy idolized by Hitomi.


- Found as an infant by Valgus, Melulu has been part of the royal family all her life, and adores her childhood playmate Van to the point of bristling with anger at Hitomi, whom she sees as a rival. She is one of Gaeas anthropomorphic races, that of a race of Cat people, and often displays cute kitten like behavior.

Dilandu Albatou

Dilandu is the leader of Zaibach's elite Guymelef Squad who devestate whole kingdoms with their superior Technology. When Scared in Battle, he developes an insane obsession with defeating Van in battle. One mysterious thing is, whe Alen recalls a picture of his lost younger sister, she looks exactly like Dilandu. And he also talks like a woman. Could it be that Dilandu is really Alens long lost sister in disguise?.......

Folken Fanel

Folken is Zaibach's enigmatic strategist and Technological genius. He is also in command over Dilandu, who never listens to Folken. Also, as suggested by the last name, he is related in some way with Van Fanel of Fanelia.


Escaflowne of Fanelia

Escaflowne is Fanelia's mighty Guymelef. It was built long ago by the ancient Ispano Clan. Only members of the royal family can operate the Escaflowne, and they are bound with it by a blood pact which involves imbuing it with Energist and the users own blood. During the attack on Fanelia in episode 2, Van Activates the long sleeping Escaflowne in this way. The Escaflowne also has many other abilities above that of other Guymelefs. In this, it can change into a Dragon mecha form. See the below pictures. The transformation of the escaflowne is very smooth.

Alseides of Daibach

The Alseides is the Highly advanced Guymelef of the Zaiback Empire. Using weird liquid metal weapons, this Guymelef can form anything from a mass of spears to a sword out of its "hands". The Arm can also elongate and fold out into a large claw capably of lifting whole 'Melefs and tossing them like rag dolls. It also has the unique "Stealth Mantle" cloaking cape. By moving this large cape over its head, the Alseides can become completely invisible, except for a slight ripple in the air. It can also Transform and fly, but not while it is cloaked. Dilandu and Folken both pilot a special one called an "Orseides", which has twice the battle power and four times the metal weapons and flame cannons to boot. the Main weapon of the Zaibach empire. The above pictures are that of the Alseises in Flight, the red one being Dilandu's, and The Escaflowne fighting an Alseides.


The Shcherazade is Alen's Guymelef. though not of Ispano make or of Daibach manufacture, This Melfe was designed with Speed in mind, and uses this to a deadly advantage. Armed with a long, rapier like sword, this melfe resembles a Fencer in armor, its facial grate looks like that of the protective mask worn by fencers. It can easily hold its own against the other types of Guymelefs. It can be seen in the picture, with a blue cape and a gold facial mask, fighting Dilandu with the Escaflowne.

The Empires of the World of Gaea


The Small Kingdom of Fanelia was a prosperous kingdome ruled by Van's Father. After his brother disappeared while on the quest for the dragon's Energist Heart, Van was the sole Air to Fanelia's Throne. Taught to fight By their Great Warrior Samurai, Valgus, Van earned the respect of his people, who loved him. When the Daibach Empire attacked during the crowning ceremony of Van, The whole Kingdom was destroyed. Many people died. All of the empires resemble some civilization in looks and style. Fanelia most closely resembles ancient Japan, with their Samurai armored Guymelefs.

The Zaibach Empire

the Empire of Zaibach is huge and very technically oriented. They have the highest technology out of all of the empires, and the largest military force. The empire is spread out under different commanders, Like Folken, In huge Floating fortresses made of gravity defying rocks. Lead By the Mysterious man known as "Dornkirk", the empire has a secret agenda that involves wiping out the other empires or beating them into submission. Zaibach would best be a representitive of the united states and modern Japan, since It has High technological standards.


Astoria is a recently formed empire made up of amny merchant lords under the rule of a royal family. they trade with every one and are very prosperous. Many races are encountered there, as in episode five, Where hitomi runs into the dog people of the plains, A dolphin headed fisherman, and a Man with a parrot head, not to mention more cat people. The style and dress of its elite "Heavenly Knights", of which Alen is the leader, most closely resembles the old french of the 1700's. Alen's Guymelef also reflects this.


The empire of freid is far away from the others. It is a prosperous empire. The kings wife was once in love with Alen, and the kings son bears a Striking resembalence to Alen. he belives the price, prince Chid, to be his illegitamate son. The Empire of freid also hold one of the keys to the secrets of the ancient atlanteans. and the Daibach wants it from them at any cost. In all looks and practices, the Freidians most closely resemble people of India and of Tibet.

Guymelef Control Systems

In the picture above you can see some of the Escaflowne's cockpit controls, which resemble a harness that you wear more than anything. All Guymelefs have a cockpit system like this, to a greater or lesser degree. The system is set up so than whatever the pilot, or more apropriatly, Wearer, of the Melef does, the melef will do the exact sme thing, allowing for an increadibly high degree of control. This accounts for the Magnificent sward battles that happen throughtout the series. The Zaibach system is a little different, the cockpit being filled with a liquid metal type of substance that transfers movements directly to the machine.This picture of Van Illustrates how the control harness is worn.


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